A Broader Horizon

paper“The task of a writer consists of being able to make something out of an idea.”

– ┬áThomas Mann

There is excitement in a blank sheet of paper. When one is laid before me, it puts bumps on my skin and sends a shiver down my spine. Why? Because I know that even though it’s blank, it’s far from empty. It holds possibility.

Possibility is exciting.

Possibility is limited only by imagination, and I haven’t found the edges of mine yet. I can go anywhere and create anything – real or imagined. Endless possibilities await exploration and a blank piece of paper is the most exciting invitation a writer could receive.

You might ask: “Couldn’t you imagination these places and create these thing without the paper?”

Of course I could. Sometimes I do. But a blank piece of paper also holds something else. It also holds an opportunity.

The opportunity to take you with me.

My name is Shy Betts and I am a Fantasy and Science Fiction writer.

This is my WordPress Blog.